I recommend a hearing test if:

> You often feel that people are mumbling or talking very softly

> You often find yourself asking people to repeat themselves

> You feel “drained” after having long conversations, to the point where you try to avoid such situations

> You find it difficult to follow conversations when in crowded public places, such as supermarkets or busy restaurants

> You regularly find yourself having to turn up the volume on your television or radio

> You are consciously bothered or irritated by background noises when you are with other people

> You often experience difficulties when having telephone conversations

It is important that you get an appointment for a hearing test.  Why?  Because this will provide you and the professionals with the information that is required to get you on the road hopefully to hearing again and/or to get the appropriate help.

The test produces a chart called an audiogram and the audiologist will explain what it shows and will be able to discuss whether hearing aids are likely to help you.  Some hearing aids are designed specially for people with a particular kind of hearing loss so it is important to identify the type you are experiencing.

This will also enable you to register with your local council sensory loss department of Social Services.  Registering gains you further help with equipment in the home that can give you your independence back, for example, they will give you a card noting your loss and indicating that fact to others (name and number can be provided – please fill in contact form for details).

Please see http://www.rnid.org.uk/information_resources/hearing_aids/hearing_tests for more information on hearing tests.

What does a hearing aid do?

> make sounds louder

> make conversations easier

> help you hear on the telephone

> Gives you your social life back!

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