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These are the success stories of the help EAR4U have had with helping people with deafness.

EAR4U was a nominated charity of the Mayor of Hillingdon, Cllr Shirley Harper O’Neill in 2009.

So a big thanks to Cllr Shirley Harper O’Neill for all her support and recognising the needs of the hearing impaired in her borough.

My big event was the mayor's launch of her three chosen charities, EAR4U being one of them. It all took place at the Pavilions mall in Uxbridge, what a great day! With the other two charities and associated parties, we had stalls around the outside of the square, the centre was used for various performances that had something to do with the charities work. My charity is for all affected by deafness, my aim is to show people that they can carry on with their life before they became deaf. I had been dancing since I was 6 years old and I decided to show everyone that even being deaf would not stop me from dancing as I can feel the music. I look at the instructor's feet and find it easy to pick up as I know the steps already!! As for the music, I can hear great with my BAHA and one good ear as I can feel the vibrations through the floor and in the air as the noise hits you. That bit is hard to explain but think back to being at a disco or watching a live band and the noise hitting your chest or head!!? So the above shows that if you enjoy something that much, deafness does not mean that it has to stop. You can find a way to make it still work for you with our help.

Next was to be the Uxbridge and Hillingdon car show where EAR4U and the other charities had a great time together under the huge Barclays bank tent, Barclays being our sponsors. I have given talks in Hillingdon and Mount Vernon hospitals, both to public and staff as well as council meetings.

I have given talks at both primary and high school level with amazing feedback, it was such fun. I gave a talk to some pupils of Ruislip High School, and I want to say that they were very smart in their uniforms, respectful, polite and above all they showed interest in what was being said and wanted to help me spread the word. For those so young, it was an amazing result, not just for me, but for the children, and those they passed the message on to.

I have given talks at Rotary Club dinners as the guest speaker.

I always have a stall at the Annual fete at the Rickmansworth Masonic Girls’ school. Lodges from the Middlesex and Hertfordshire area were present. There was music all day, lots of organised events throughout the day and above all ‘fun’!! See the “News and Events” page for more details.

Bob’s Story

A young man is to hear for the first time, hopefully in the New Year, by having a cochlear implant!!

His mother saw my flyer in the window of the café where I hold my drop ins every Monday, in Ruislip Manor. She came in and told me the story of her son's deafness Since then I have seen her son and husband, and seen him through all the tests, scans and other things, hopefully leading to him  receiving his implant to change his life. He still has a long way to go, and will have more tests and people to see but is very happy so far!! I will keep you all up to date with his progress!!


He had now received 2 cochlear implants! And will marry soon.

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